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About Us

Women Biz360 Hub is a women-only entrepreneurship hub that fosters entrepreneurship leadership, digital literacy through our think tank and prowess in financial management and wealth creation through coaching and mindset shifting concepts using proven methods.


Our mission focuses on creating a community of empowered women entrepreneurs across Africa by helping them run sustainable businesses.


To give a 360 Degree transformation to 5000 women-owned enterprises in 5 years to achieve their full potential and make a global impact.


We are women only hub seeking to empower women entrepreneurs to break out of the limiting beliefs that have held them back for years while empowering them through well curated programs to help them succeed in life and business. This hub seeks to bridge the technology, funding and market access gap as well that women in business face. We are targeting to impact 5000 women in our first 5 years of operations.


Exchange Program

It is amazing how new eligible women entrepreneurs can benefit from exchanging knowledge and business data when gathering with experienced business men and women and share expertise for a stay of a few months. Undoubtedly, it is an experience that would ease the start of any business and develop a successful growth strategy.


Through our coaching programs that include the 3 day retreat with coaches, book club and peer to peer mentorship


This is achieved through  our think tank that connects women in business to technology students so that they can understand technology and co-create technology driven solutions to benefit and grow their businesses

Why Women Biz360?

1. Join a community of change makers that are making impact across the globe

2. Reduce the mortality rate of your enterprises by learning how to run it in a  sustainable way

3. Access opportunities that will help you access capital and markets through our partners

4. You will be digitally literate so that you  leverage on the latest technologies to improve business processes and efficiency

5. Take part in our programs and initiatives that will grow you and your business

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Sandra C. 

It’s a comfortable place with a welcoming environment and all the utilities that are important in a facility like this. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you guys!

Henriette J.

Working at Women Biz360 Hub has made my life so much more exciting! I love how you can join the amazing group of people and feel free to work on your career and social skills.

Millie P. 

Business Owner
I never realized how quickly WBiz360Hub would increase my productivity, create additional synergies & not limit any of my creative flow. We have had all positive experiences!

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