"Are You 2020 Ready?" Business Workshop

A big thanks to everyone who made it to our last weekend “Are you 2020 Ready?” free event at the Tribe Hotel in the Village Market. We had more than 20 women who joined us including entrepreneurs, business owners, business enthusiasts, and women supporters... During the workshop we covered important and trending business topics such as “Goal Setting”, “Vision Boarding” and “Money Mindset”. The event spanned over two days and included practical sessions that focused on hands-on learning and real life examples. Below we listed with details some of the topics we discussed.

Are You 2020 Ready? Women In Business Free 2 Day Workshop

Business Goal Setting 

When thinking about launching a new startup, business owners need to set goals to maintain their business success. Setting business goals can go through many different phases. A successful business owner must define the long and short term goals to guarantee success and devise a plan to accomplish mission. To do that, it is integral to maximize the goal setting process. Setting your goals will provide direction to help put your business on the fast-track and measure your progress or else you will be struggling all the way and it would become so difficult to appoint where you are right now to where you want to be. Get started and focus on the specifics of what you hope to accomplish, and start to put your plan into action.to goal setting and achievement. Since The first step in the goal setting process is critical, you can start by picking a topic or theme for your goal. This could be a one-word issue. Write down a list of some actions to take and to avoid in order to achieve your goal. Remember to commit to your goal as if you have signed a contract with yourself. Another thing to take into consideration is to use low-cost technology solutions to develop everyday. Here are some technology tools that would help your business grow: Online Business Training, Open-Source Software, Landline Alternatives, Teleconference Services, Time Tracking Tools, Online Invoicing Services, Remote Desktop Applications, Screen casting Tools, Online File Conversion, Screenshot Tools, Help Desk Applications, & Online Appointment Scheduling. 

Vision Boarding

Vision boards also known as dream boards represent your goals with pictures and images that will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions and thoughts of the future. In other words, Its is a way to illustrate your dreams and make them visual since a mind usually responds strongly to visual stimulation.

How to create Vision Board that depicts the future you want to create

  1. Find pictures that represent or symbolize a list of goals that you would like to achieve 
  2. Collect some photographs, magazine cutouts or online pictures that inspire you 
  3. Be creative. Include not only pictures, but anything that speaks to you.
  4. Consider including a picture of yourself on your board
  5. Make a pleasing collage of your photos 
  6. Post your affirmations, inspirational words, quotations, and thoughts that represent “how you want to feel”

Creating a visual board is as simple as that; thus, it leaves a positive and strong impact on how to improve your business dreams.     

Benefits of Vision Boarding

  • It Makes Your Dreams Clear 
  • It Gives You Motivation
  • It Gives You Better Focus 
  •  It Increases Your Chances of Success 
  • It Unleashes Your Inner Potential 
  • It Makes You More Determined 
  • It Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Money Mindset

A money mindset is an overriding attitude that you have about your finances. It drives you to always think about your everyday key financial decisions.  A positive mindset can influence your ability to make more money and be more decisive about steps you need to take in order to achieve the success you aim for. It is the power of positive thinking that really matters. If you change your mindset about money, you tend to make better choices about how to overcome challenges.

In order to shift your mindset to set yourself up for success, you need to have to pay attention to your thoughts, words, behaviors, and actions. Your thoughts consequently will influence your feelings and your feelings will certainly affect your behavior. A new money mindset will help you achieve your goals with confidence! So, try to do it the right way.


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